Angel Caging

My debut collection of fiction, published January 2017 – signed copies available here.

‘Some characters are grotesque, and most are very mistaken, but their authenticity and humanity are poignant … Angel Caging is funny, startling and sometimes profound.’
– Jo Cannon, author

The stories

Twenty-nine glimpses of the trapped, exiled, hopeful, sad, fantastical and strange…

A broken stand-up comic searches for the funny side in memories of childhood depression and copulating ponies. A father and son bond through pig abuse. Fruit flies get organised. An interstellar poet learns the hard way about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Turkeys celebrate the fall of humankind. A woman loses her words while her husband watches X Factor.

Angel Caging is by turns absurd, moving, evocative and human.

Angel Caging

From the cover:

How do we get out when the world traps us inside?

There is no single escape for the characters in these twenty-nine short and very short stories. Some of them break, some unwind, some rewind, some leave the planet, some scream at the wind, others lock themselves away and forget they were ever here. One or two simply ascend.

It’s often the only practical way out of the cage.

Buy Angel Caging direct from the author

By far the most author-friendly way to buy a copy is to get it direct from me. I’m cheaper than Amazon, I’ll sign your copy, send you the ebook version, plus I’ll throw in a fancy bookmark for free!

Of course you can still get hold of it from Waterstones, Amazon, BlackwellsBarnes & Noble, The Book Depository, Books etc (etc, etc), but if you prefer to buy it from a proper shop, maybe ask your local indy bookshop first to see if they can order it for you.